An idea spawned in University in the 80's, was lit in 2005 and still burns bright today

People often ask where the name Lights-On came from. So, here's the story!

Even in his university days Lights-On’s founder, Peter Owen, always intended to set up an IT consultancy and, at that time, planned to call it “OWL Technology Consulting” combining the initial of Owen with the initial of his close university friend’s surname (with an L for Limited!).

When it came time to set up the company in 2005 (sadly without the university friend who was happily ensconced in a senior, employed role), any reference to owl seemed already registered at companies house and domain registrars. All variations seemed to be taken despite hours of searching. Owls seemed pretty popular!

Sensing Peter’s despondency, his wife came to the rescue with a cup of tea and as Pete sat back sipping tea, his eyes fell upon the photos on his home office wall, some of which were taken way back when he was a budding school age photographer-to-be!

The photo shown was taken by Pete when he was only a child. He knew what he wanted – a lit bulb but showing the filament. It was a complex photo to take and he remembered the attention to detail using black hand painted card, some sugar paper and an angle poised lamp aka Blue Peter style! The photo, and the effort to seek the right outcome, caught Pete’s imagination in relation to naming his new company and the lighting theme started to emerge. “Lights out?– perhaps not!”, “Lights on? Keeping the lights on? A guiding light?” It all started to take shape.

Pete started googling and Lights On Consulting was available as a company name and as a domain name so Lights-On Consulting was soon registered at companies house and with internet registrars.

After many years of managing large IT teams and departments, Pete wanted to work alone and remained as a sole consultant for a number of years but, eventually, opportunity to work with some trusted and capable ex colleagues presented itself and Lights-On started to grow.

From the outset, the company was built to scale in terms of documentation and repeatable quality processes but the desire to stay small and work with people of the highest quality has meant slow but steady growth.

The team of 10 is still a close-knit, small team today with 7 consultants and 3 part-time or outsourced, administrative support staff who are equally part of the team.

Like many of the consultants, the founder of Lights-On was an IT Director both in and outside of legal. As such, whilst strategy was key, it is only aspirational unless there is a practical plan to communicate and implement the strategy. As such we look for both strategic and practical abilities in all our people and “strategic advice, practically delivered” has become something of a mantle for Lights-On.

As a result of this blend of both strategic thinking and practical delivery, our client base has grown, predominantly from recommendation and referral, and today we have helped over 100 clients ranging from the police, through professional services, to sectors as diverse as the food sector.

We specialise in the legal sector however and have provided services to legal clients from niche commercial practices to global and magic circle clients. We are proud to say that some of those clients have been clients of Lights-On from within the 1st year of operation.






We take pride in our ethos of independence, depth of knowledge and ethics


Consulting is a confidential business and the sectors in which we operate demand even greater levels of confidentiality. We take it very seriously and practice what we preach.


Experience is as much about learning from mistakes as it is from doing things right first time, from planning and consideration.


The ethos of “if it feels wrong, even if others don’t think so, then challenge it” remains a strong principle for Lights-On today.


Integrity is at the heart of what we do. We are not a regulated industry like the legal sector in which we often operate however we treat work as if we were regulated.


Most of Lights-On’s consultants come from a wide background of IT and management covering sectors as wide as banking, the energy sector, manufacturing and consultancy.


"Everyone in the firm has agreed that bringing in Lights-On has been one of best things the firm has done from an Admin point of view in years.”

3avatar-1299805_1280 pixabay
Senior Leadership Team Member A leading Irish Legal firm

“Lights-On Consulting provided strategic and practical legal IT consultancy to A&L Goodbody.  The Lights-On legal IT consultants helped us overhaul our IT Service Desk so that we can offer best in class IT support to our people.  We have worked with Lights-On for over a year and would not hesitate to use them again.”

Susan Kemp IT Director A&L Goodbody

"Having worked with Lights-On for many years it was a natural choice to turn to them to assist us in delivering this business critical project.  Lights-On assisted in running a comprehensive process which will produce significantly better results at a cheaper price.  I thank Lights-On and having developed the relationship over many years have absolute confidence that we have ended up with the best possible solution for us."

Nick Hodgson Finance Director Bevan Brittan

"The Executive IT review was exactly what we needed to allow us to develop our IT Strategy. The review was done tactfully and thoroughly. The resulting information was presented to us in a way that enabled all our decision makers to understand our current position. The advice we received on our options was clear and gave us the confidence to move forward and make decisions on our future strategy."

Nigel Ledger Practice Manager Hughes Paddison

"Lights-On’s deep sector knowledge and excellent support was invaluable in selecting our new Practice Management System. We really could not have done it without them."

Mark Finch Finance Director Mills & Reeve

"It is a pleasure working with an experienced professional with a unique insight in the sector who has the back up resources of colleagues with similar and complementary expertise and knowledge to draw on for the benefit of my firm.  I would recommend the experience."

Simon Stell Managing Partner, LCF Law

"As a novice to a project of this nature [PMS Selection] they brought me up to speed quickly and helped the team drill down into what really mattered. Good people who are great to work with and really know their stuff."

Duncan Astill Partner Mills & Reeve

"I am sure that, without their help, we would have paid more for something that would have achieved less."

Tim Halstead Managing Partner, Shulmans Solicitors

"Lights-On took us through procurement, negotiation and the implementation stage of our managed print project.  They brought great market place knowledge which added value to us at each stage of the process and their involvement was a key reason that the project was such a success."

Owen Bishop Director of Transformation and Operations, Bevan Brittan

"Lights-On provided a wealth of knowledge enabling us to start shaping our IT strategy. The team were able to give honest feedback and recommendations. Lights-On never let us down and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them."

Louise Igoe
Louise Igoe Partner, Lodders

"Just as with our DMS decision, Lights-On provided precisely the support we needed for our PMS. They know the market, they know the suppliers and they understand the products. Many consultants are thinly disguised salesmen. Lights-On don’t sell. They advise. And that is actually a rare commodity and a valuable one. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lights-On to any other firm looking at a PMS or DMS. They’re conscientious, hard working, reliable, friendly, pragmatic, thoughtful, diligent and constructive. I greatly appreciate their support."

Jonathan Thornton Managing Partner, Russell-Cooke

"We were highly impressed with their services."

Chris Lowe Managing Partner, Watson Farley Williams

"Lights-On now acts as a trusted advisor and sounding board to our business."

Keith Feeny Director of IT & Operations Hill Dickinson

"We have benefited greatly from Lights-On’s considerable understanding of the legal sector and available technological solutions, as well as from their consistently practical, outcome-focused advice."

Roland Millar Finance Director, Thomson Snell & Passmore LLP

"When taking on business critical projects, you need the specialist skills, professionalism and commitment provided by Lights On. We have used Lights-On for several key projects and their approach instils confidence and achieves project objectives."

Dean Mostert ICT Director, Stephens Scown LLP

"Lights-On were superb on our DMS project. I highly recommend them. Professional, focussed, knowledgeable, pragmatic, organised and always adding value. If you are planning a new PMS, DMS or similar, think very carefully before going anywhere else."

Jonathan Thornton Managing Partner, Russell-Cooke


The Lights-On team is often out on client sites and so the best way to get in touch with us is via the contact form below. Please give us as much information as possible and a member of our team will be in contact with you very soon.