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The term “outsourcing” places fear in the heart of IT people yet every firm outsources to some extent. Whether that is bringing in a company to help implement some software through to using an IT cloud service for email archiving and management – they are all forms of outsourcing.

Firms that are heavily outsourced already can often find that they outgrow the outsourced partner or values shared years ago when the deal was put in place are no longer aligned or service is not as it used to be.

Lights-On has assisted many firms in examining the options for outsourcing and in helping lead re-tendering exercises. Managed correctly, re-tendering is a healthy process that may simply re-ignite the service provider into upping their game or, indeed, may result in the firm finding newer, more well-matched partners for the outsourcing. Whatever the result, the process for a firm is a healthy one.

Whilst the process is a healthy one, outsourcing is fraught with dangers if not managed properly or approached with clear goals and deliverables in mind and a very careful and thorough process is required as the resulting relationship will be governed by commercials and contract and not internal management pressure and performance reviews! It is critically important to explore all aspects of service and our process helps firms fully understand their objectives, implement appropriate measurement, clearly define the as-is and to-be services and then manage a formal tendering process against those criteria.

We use much of our common and well proven process for tendering, combined with specific knowledge of outsourcing and the positive and negative impacts it can have and indeed having done it “from both sides of the fence” to ensure that the process is well managed.

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Experience is as much about learning from mistakes as it is from doing things right first time from planning and consideration.


That ethos of “if it feels wrong, even if others don’t think it is, then avoid it” remains a strong principle for Lights-On today.


Integrity is at the heart of what we do. We are not a regulated industry like the legal sector in which we often operate however we treat work as if we were regulated.


Most of Lights-On’s consultants come from a wide background of IT and management covering sectors as wide as banking, the energy sector, manufacturing and consultancy.


"Lights-On’s deep sector knowledge and excellent support was invaluable in selecting our new Practice Management System. We really could not have done it without them"

Mark Finch Finance Director Mills & Reeve

"Lights-On now acts as a trusted advisor and sounding board to our business."

Keith Feeny Director of IT & Operations Hill Dickinson

"Good people who are great to work with and really know their stuff"

Duncan Astill Partner Mills & Reeve

"I am sure that, without their help, we would have paid more for something that would have achieved less."

Tim Halstead Managing Partner, Shulmans Solicitors

"Lights-On are utterly consistent and reliable."

Jo Stone Partner, Stephens Scown Solicitors

"Lights-On provided a wealth of knowledge enabling us to start shaping our IT strategy. The team were able to give honest feedback and recommendations. Lights-On never let us down and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them."

Louise Igoe
Louise Igoe Partner, Lodders

"As a novice to a project of this nature [PMS Selection] they brought me up to speed quickly and helped the team drill down into what really mattered."

Duncan Astill Partner, Mills & Reeve

"We were highly impressed with their services"

Chris Lowe Managing Partner, Watson Farley Williams

"We have benefited greatly from Lights-On’s considerable understanding of the legal sector and available technological solutions, as well as from their consistently practical, outcome-focused advice"

Roland Millar Finance Director, Thomson Snell & Passmore LLP

"When taking on business critical projects, you need the specialist skills, professionalism and commitment provided by Lights On. We have used Lights-On for several key projects and their approach instils confidence and achieves project objectives."

Dean Mostert ICT Director, Stephens Scown LLP

“Lights-On were superb on our DMS project. I highly recommend them. Professional, focussed, knowledgeable, pragmatic, organised and always adding value. If you are planning a new PMS, DMS or similar, think very carefully before going anywhere else.”

Jonathan Thornton Managing Partner, Russell-Cooke

"As a Partner and FD, when it comes to spending money, I'm not keen unless there is clear ROI. Lights-On proved that they were well worth the investment."

Mike Borg
Mike Borg Partner and Finance Director, Lodders