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Lights-On Consulting warns law firm CIOs that ‘standing still is not an option’

From artificial intelligence to increasingly tech savvy lawyers, Peter Owen of independent IT consultancy specialists, Lights-On Consulting, explains the unprecedented change in Legal IT – and the challenges facing Chief Information Officers. Since the 1990s, IT in legal has been relatively steady and split between volume and traditional legal services, with volume areas consuming most […]

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The anatomy of a digital-age legal service business – guest blog by Chris Bull, Kingsmead Square

Chris Bull, director of Kingsmead Square and co-founder of Intuity Alliance, considers the structure, funding and skills needed for a legal service business in the digital age. This article was first featured in Legal Business. Note I’m talking about ‘legal service business’, not ‘law firm’. ‘Law firm’ suggests a partnership – too outdated and narrow a term in […]

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Lights-On, Hyperscale and Kingsmead Square join forces to launch Intuity Alliance

Lights-On Consulting and two other leading consultancies have teamed up to launch Intuity Alliance, a unique advisory service providing integrated technology, operations and innovation advice to the legal and professional services sectors. The Intuity Alliance combines the expertise of Lights-On Consulting, with that of Hyperscale Group and Kingsmead Square. The alliance is designed to help business […]