Lights-On speaking at Alternative Legal IT 2019

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Lights-On legal IT consultants Stephen Brown and Robin Boyle will join Director Peter Owen at the Alternative Legal IT Conference in Windsor in September 2019.

Celebrating its 11th year (catching us up!), the Alternative Legal IT Conference is a well attended event with respected speakers and a great opportunity to catch up with peers.

Lights-On Consulting team members regularly attend events with various hats on: acting on behalf of our clients in our capacity as acting IT Directors (part of our IT Director Service), as keynote speakers, as session speakers and as interested parties learning about developments in technology and processes to take back to the team and to our clients.  Events such as this are invaluable and allow us to share knowledge with our legal IT consultants so they can provide the latest advice to their clients.

For many of our clients, we act as facilitators with vendors so these events also allow us to catch up with these vendors in a different capacity.

Legal IT Consultant expertise

At this year’s Alternative Legal IT Conference, Robin Boyle will lead a panel discussion on the state of the legal PMS market. Robin has been in the legal industry for (a little) over 30 years with a focus on PMS. He is Lights-On consulting’s Senior Consultant for one of our flagship services; Practice Management replacements.  He is regarded as an expert in the application and implementation of PMS’s and works with a broad spectrum of law firms supporting them in PMS projects at whatever stage they are in.

He manages PMS selection processes, acts as a Solutions Architect to ensure the business needs of the firm are fulfilled by the vendor and fulfils Project Management and Governance roles on PMS Implementations.  Prior to Lights-On Consulting, Robin was Client Services Director at Pilgrim Systems PLC for just shy of 20 years.

With end of life looming for some of the sectors key products, 34 out of the top 100 UK law firms are due to replace their PMS within the next 2 years. Robin will provide a high-level overview of the current situation and then the panel will discuss

  • what each expected from the PMS replacement process versus what actually happened
  • what level of support did their firms need and did they get it?

Stephen Brown will be leading a discussion on sStephen Brown will speak at this year's Alternative Legal IT Conferenceuccessfully moving to the cloud.  and will be sharing his advice in one of the new ‘Ask the Expert’ sessions.

Stephen regularly advises clients on cloud computing. His recent article on the topic, provides an insight into the complexities and benefits of cloud computing and considers the options for delivering cloud technology. Here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite:

What is cloud computing?

Let’s go back a step. What do we mean by cloud computing? Since the advent of the internet as a mainstream business tool in the early 1990s, the way technology has been delivered and utilised has consistently changed.

Condensing over 25 years of development into a few words – the scale, speed and reliability of modern networking technology aligned to the hub of inter-connected computing capability (the internet) has created what is commonly known as ‘the cloud’.

The cloud environment has revolutionised how technology can be consumed by businesses regardless of their size.  Traditionally, businesses capital-purchased hardware and software solutions, and hosted them in their own environments.

The rise of cloud computing has transformed this model.  Massive levels of investment from technology giants such as Microsoft and Amazon mean cloud is almost certainly going to be the dominant technology hosting model for the foreseeable future.

The provisioning of data centre space, the procurement of technology hardware, the use of business software, and even the use of people and resources, has increasingly moved to an operational expenditure / services model.

As cloud solutions and suppliers mature in technology offering, service and compliance e.g. SRA code of conduct, it is becoming commonplace for firms to consider the cloud to deliver their technology.

You can read the rest of the article here.

Are you planning on attending the Alternative Legal IT Conference? If so, let us know – it would be great to catch up.

You can request your place at the conference here.