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How Lights-On Consulting helped Bevan Brittan secure high impact outcomes from a managed print review and procurement process

Like it or not, even after decades of discussion about the paperless office, printing and the management of paper is still a critical service in just about every law firm. Read on to see how Top 100 law firm Bevan Brittan used Lights-On Consulting to assist with a managed print service review and tender that generated some seriously positive business outcomes.

Support with a managed print service review

Let’s face it, printers and managed print services are probably not the most exciting topics in a law firm.  However, modern print technology and supporting software can be the facilitators of a fundamental shift in the processing of paper.  This technology can not only print, scan and photocopy but, when configured correctly, it can streamline business processes, support ISO accreditations, generate cost efficiencies and help protect the environment.

In 2018, Bevan Brittan took the opportunity to strategically review its managed print technology supplier and supporting processes.  The aim of the review project was to make sure Bevan Brittan was successful in its desire to develop its already impressive paper-lite credentials; to streamline business processes to drive operational efficiency, and to provide a fit for purpose operation for this critical business service.

The firm turned to Lights-On Consulting to assist with a managed print service review.

Bevan Brittan and Lights-On strategic partnership

Bevan Brittan and Lights-On have enjoyed a long term, strategic partnership and so Lights-On has developed a deep understanding of where Bevan Brittan wanted to be. This insight was used to drive a complex analysis of the market and deliver recommendations to the Board that helped them select the very best fit for the firm’s needs.  To ensure the technology was capable and the service relationships were effective, a series of pilots across all four of the firms’ offices were undertaken.  Below show some results of these pilots:

  • A 36% improvement on printing a 50 page black and white duplex document from a Word document
  • A 42% improvement on photocopying a duplex to duplex document containing up to 50 pages
  • A 58% improvement on scanning a 54 page duplex document direct to the document management system
  • A 66% improvement on scanning a single document of up to 10 pages direct to the document management system

Lights-On supporting operational excellence

The new printing technology solution and service provider generated several important benefits for Bevan Brittan:

  • Technology solution fit for the process needs of the firm now, with opportunities for further development in the future.
  • Service and support proposition that really meets the demands of a modern law firm and help achieve operational excellence.
  • Significant performance improvements that will drive operational efficiency.
  • Supported the firm’s paper-lite and ISO27001 credentials and controls.

In addition, the project has been able to help the environmentally conscious firm with its carbon footprint and generate significant cost reductions.

And who said printing isn’t sexy!

“Having worked with Lights-On for many years it was a natural choice to turn to them to assist us in delivering this business critical project.  Lights-On assisted in running a comprehensive process which will produce significantly better results at a cheaper price.  I thank Lights-On and having developed the relationship over many years have absolute confidence that we have ended up with the best possible solution for us.

Nick Hodgson, Finance Director


“Lights-On took us through procurement, negotiation and the implementation stage of our managed print project.  They brought great market place knowledge which added value to us at each stage of the process and their involvement was a key reason that the project was such a success.

Owen Bishop, Director of Transformation and Operations

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