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Having a strategic IT leader with insight into the firm’s vision and direction, coupled with technology knowledge and commercial awareness is a rare find.

Lights-On Consulting supports many firms in this capacity. We listen to your leadership team to ascertain your vision for the firm, any technology aspirations you have, and what you want from an IT Leadership role. With our experience, we then work with you to establish what course of action we can take to support your firm. 

We can support you for as long as you need – our engagements vary from two days a
week to one day a month.
  Sometimes we’re simply a sounding board or a sense  checker. Invariably, we always strive to ‘do ourselves out of the job’.

Since engaging with Lights-On for our PMS project we have continued to work with them on a number of matters, including smaller stand-alone projects, one-off pieces of advisory work, helping us develop our IT strategy and most recently making use of their ‘IT Leadership service’ offering.  I have been consistently impressed with their cheerful, positive and pro-active approach to all that has been asked of them.  In what have, at times, been quite challenging circumstances their candid assessment and expert advice have been reassuring and reliable throughout, giving me a great deal of confidence, and allowing me to make informed decisions for the business going forward.  I find them knowledgeable, helpful and direct – which is exactly as I would want.

I am happy to recommend the services of Lights-On to anyone looking for this type of advice or input and to speak to anyone looking for further details.

Gillian Crandles, Managing Partner at Turcan Connell

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