IT Leadership for SME Solicitors

How Lights-On provided interim IT leadership support 

SME Solicitors needed clarity on technology projects and providers so enlisted Lights-On Consulting to provide pragmatic IT Leadership support.

Following on from our work with Worcester-based SME Solicitors to facilitate improved supplier relations, we were asked to provide strategic input into the IT direction for the firm.

Understanding SME’s goals and perceptions

Through a series of face-to-face and remote insight-gathering interviews with staff and partners, we were able to get a deeper understanding of their sentiments around IT, service and suppliers. By interviewing a cross-section of staff, it not only helped us to understand the leadership team’s goals, but also review perceptions from the rest of the firm.

We presented a formal report of our findings to SME, which gave them an overview of the current situation, the ideals for the future of the firm, and practical steps to move forward.

We also delivered a presentation to the partners, which allowed them to drill into the report and ask questions that we were able to answer in plain English, rather than IT speak!

Aligning strategies

We enabled SME Solicitors to align its IT strategy with the wider firm strategy to ensure that both were pulling in the same direction. The new IT strategy will enable SME to attract both its ideal clients and talent.

As all law firms are managing new business models brought about by the work from home mandate from the Covid-19 pandemic, a robust IT strategy is paramount to achieve sustainability and growth.

“As a Firm, we did not require an in-house IT director role but needed the clarity and guidance from someone with that level of knowledge.”

Yvonne Tivey, Head of Business Services, SME Solicitors