How can we improve IT service quality?

Whether your firm’s IT service is outsourced or delivered in-house, its quality needs to be up to scratch to benefit you and your clients.

Firms across many sectors are seeing an increased demand for quality service while expecting to remain excellent value for money for their customers. Service quality plays an essential role in achieving various goals within a firm. It encompasses much more than just creating a product or service; it also includes listening and understanding your customer’s needs, developing trust, and retaining their loyalty.

But how do you know if your IT service quality is declining? And if it is, how do you get it back on track?

Here are the five key areas to review:

  1. Resources – It is no secret that the skills shortage in IT is an issue. Ensure that as a firm, or leader, you are focused on the people within your team. Your team is important and listening to their needs and advocating for their wellbeing will boost morale and, therefore, the service you offer.

  2. Supply chain – We’ve heard through our network that enterprise equipment such as SANs, servers and switches have lead times as long as 12-14 months. It is important to review the capacity of your key systems and remember that many firms are currently migrating to the Cloud and upgrading their hardware. There may be a longer lead time due to a surge in demand, so it is best to review your capacity as soon as possible.

  3. Cyber security – The risk of cyber attacks is on the rise and the work involved is becoming more onerous. Ensuring internal and external communications are tailored to manage expectations is critical, alongside making sure your cyber attack mitigation procedures are in check.

  4. Working models – Since the pandemic, IT teams are currently delivering against two models. The first is the hybrid working model and the second is where legacy applications are delivered alongside modern web applications. Flexible working is changing the way firms operate, so make sure that your systems and technology support this way of working.

  5. Operating models – The operating models for firms have changed significantly. The pandemic changed the way businesses conduct business and manage their team members. Planning is essential, but it is important to remember that agility is required when working with change.

The issues facing IT services in law firms can be complex and unique to each firm. We are experienced in helping firms identify their pain points and working with you to remedy them. If you feel that your IT service quality is lacking, speak to the Lights-On team today.

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