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All products are not created equal. All firms do not have the same requirements. All suppliers have nuances. Suppliers sell products regularly with law firms making large IT procurements infrequently and therefore are less experienced. Allow Lights-On to level the playing field.

There are lots of considerations when it comes to tendering for solutions or services to improve your firm. Clearly defining and documenting the requirements and ensuring an “apple with apples” review is important to ensure success.  

We utilise a well-developed, tried and trusted procurement methodology that complements our wide and deep understanding of the market, systems and providers of Legal IT. Our team facilitates all contact with vendors to allow them to present and you to ask questions, and we also manage the contracts stages to ensure your needs are met.

Lights-On Consulting has extensive experience in procurement of many solutions. We will assess your needs through listening to various people within your firm and establish the expected ROI of the particular products you are considering, all while factoring in the longer-term plans for the firm. Procurement is a delicate area; you need to ensure you’re getting the best results for your firm.

Lights-On Consulting managed to focus our attention on the differentiators between the various systems which eased the process considerably. We’re confident that the decision reached will be the best for our firm and Lights-On were instrumental in guiding us there in the shortest possible time. Their expertise in this field is second to none.

Graeme Brown, Chief Financial Officer, Thorntons

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