Strategic IT review

A comprehensive audit of your IT function

Our comprehensive strategic IT review will assess your current technology, people and processes and determine if your existing technology can sufficiently support you in reaching your long-term business goals.

Whether your Partners are constantly complaining about IT or people getting frustrated with things that ‘just don’t work’, your IT set-up and investment may be due for a benchmark review.  This will enable you to assess whether your IT set-up is fit for purpose for your firm.

So how can we help you do this? Put simply, Lights-On Consulting will have candid conversations and get to the route of your firm’s IT problems. We cover a wide area at a strategic level, from technology stability and fit, supplier management, through to people and skills.  We interview a cross section of people within the firm and present our findings to your Executive Committee/Board.

Our strategic IT review will give your firm an idea of immediate recommendations (that can serve as ‘quick wins’), plus an idea of what a suitable technology stack looks like. We provide you with a plain English, no tech jargon report for future reference. We also act as an external person to speak to suppliers on your behalf, helping to improve relations and service. Most importantly, our review creates a solid foundation for future project work that aligns with your long-term business goals.

“We were delighted with the approach taken by Lights-On and their recommendations. We now have a clear plan for how IT can enable and support the firm’s strategy. Thrings now has a vision for its future in a post COVID world.”

Simon Holdsworth, Managing Partner, Thrings

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