How do we keep up with the ever-changing IT landscape?

Keeping up with advances in IT and delivering a consistently good IT service for your firm is a recurring challenge we come across in the legal sector. New skills and approaches are required.

Delivering a good IT service within law firms is becoming increasingly more challenging. We have empathy with senior IT leaders as the operating model or “rule book” for delivering IT has changed.

In contrast to the ‘traditional’ delivery of IT services, which was largely controlled and predictable, today’s environment is much more fast-paced and demanding and relies heavily on third parties, such as Office 365 and external WiFi networks. You’re IT team is likely to be facing a different set of challenges:

  1. Managing IT system updates taking place every three to six months
  2. Core applications changing almost monthly
  3. Unpredictable connectivity
  4. Decentralised workforce
  5. Increased system responsibility

For IT teams to keep up with the pace of change and deliver a quality service, whilst also delivering business as usual, requires a new or refined set of skills:

  • Advocacy – supplier management and interpersonal skills
  • Diplomacy – influencing and changing your organisation on its approach and consumption of IT
  • Flexibility – change is constant, and any operating model will need to accommodate changes at short notice

With regulatory pressures from increasing insurance premiums, plus Cyber threats, being added to the mix, it’s no wonder your IT leadership team might well be struggling to prioritise, manage and delegate.

Lights-On has provided guidance and new operating models for firms to cope with the “new normal”. If you would like to discuss how the IT service in your firm may need to change please contact us.

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