Lodders IT Leadership

Lodders asked Lights-On Consulting to take the lead on technology

Following Lights-On Consulting's successful engagement regarding the IT Management work at Lodders, we were asked to act as a part-time IT Director as part of our IT Leadership service.

Expanding UK based law firm, Lodders required assistance with reviewing systems, policies and strategy. The firm wanted assistance to prioritise the extensive project programme.

Lodders had big goals and required some assistance on working through the goals with an actionable plan.

As part of the IT Leadership service, Lights-On Consulting provided clear strategic guidance and management of several critical security and infrastructure projects. We also conducted a business continuity review and managed improvements. We were asked to reorganise the IT department and recruited new team members to deliver the IT service Lodders wanted for the future.

“Lights-On Consulting supported Lodders with an expert interim IT Director on both a part and full-time basis. Through their invaluable IT leadership service, Lights-On provided us with clear strategic guidance on several major IT and infrastructure projects, together with crucial day-to-day support and advice to help our IT team deliver a strong service to our growing firm.” 

Paul Mourton, Managing Partner