CWJ IT leadership

CWJ asked Lights-On to support with a PMS tender but ended up providing more holistic IT leadership and guidance.

We called in Lights-On for a PMS tender but, through their clearly evident expertise, it was soon discovered that much of our IT estate needed attention.

The engagement soon morphed into a more strategic engagement looking at all of our IT and how we used it.

Lights-On worked with our Partners and staff to identify the needs, build a plan and then they executed the plan with us to transform our IT estate into a reliable, solid, business enabling platform that allowed us to ride the pandemic well.

Lights-On helped us with our print estate, our hardware strategy, how we managed our infrastructure, our phone system and change of outsourcing partner as well as a practice management system selection and change.

The combined approach has transformed our business and supported us though Covid.

Rather than having an IT Manager, we now use Lights-On as and when needed to tap in to their broad expertise for advice or to handle the odd strategic issue or brief our Partners on what is happening in the wider IT world. This approach suits our business very well.

“We strongly recommend Lights-On’s IT Leadership Service. Being able to “tap in” to their knowledge when you need it is invaluable.” 

Andrew Wright, Senior Partner


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