CWJ IT Review and PMS Implementation

Below is another example of one of Lights-On Consulting’s core products: PMS reviews

Clarkson Wright & Jakes appointed Lights-On Consulting initially to look at a practice management system tendering exercise as its existing Envision platform was end of life.

Following a mini IT review, which is part of the tendering due diligence project, a number of other areas were identified by Lights-On that required attention and it was agreed that these areas needed addressing before any new PMS could be procured and implemented.

After some initial tactical fixes that helped bring some improved reliability to remote access and use of email on iPhone that the incumbent supplier had been unable to correct, Lights-On went on to help CWJ define its IT strategy, which essentially, would play a large part in CWJ’s continued success in delivering excellent client service and remaining competitive. The major themes that emerged were the print strategy, desktop strategy, remote connectivity and excellence in IT service.

A series of requirement definitions and tenders then ensued, initially to tender for and select a new managed print provider and then tendering for and appointing a 3rd party IT managed service provider after competitive bids.

Once that was complete, Lights-On worked with the newly appointed IT managed service provider (“MSP”) to complete a very successful migration to their data centres and the MSP took over as primary support for CWJ’s entire IT estate delivering a step-wise improvement in IT support.

“The additional investment over and above the PMS seemed a lot at the time but in hindsight was absolutely essential. It has really paid dividends and we are in a great place as a firm as a result. I can strongly recommend Lights-On.”

Amanda Mehlin, Managing Partner

With much of the operational pain sorted, next was the upgrade of the end-user computing environment, introducing more laptops, dual screens and modernising the whole end-user computing platform. The firm’s computer room was upgraded to provide higher resilience for the minimal amount of on-site IT equipment needed and the WIFI was upgraded for greater coverage, security and speed.

With both IT platform and support now in very good order, the competitive tender for a new PMS could now run at pace and, after a competitive tendering process run by Lights-On, the new PMS supplier was awarded the contract and worked with our specialist PMS project manager to implement it, replacing Envision.

This was completed just before lockdown was announced and the firm was able to carry on working remotely and securely with ease with the new, streamlined and mobility-enabled systems in place, coupled with the move to operating a paperless office when the new PMS went live.

“We could not have achieved this without Lights-On. We thought we could go straight in to replacing Envision and that it was just a case of choosing the right replacement PMS. Lights-On made us realise that this was actually the last piece of the jigsaw. It was a lot of work but well worth it as the firm would not have been in any ready state for the pandemic if we had not actioned all the recommendations from Lights-On and implemented them with their help.

Andrew Wright, Senior Partner and responsible for the firm’s IT

“There was a lot to do and it was great to see a client be really receptive as to what could be achieved. CWJ was committed and involved in the whole process throughout and it was one of the most enjoyable projects I have undertaken for a while, being able to see such noticeable change along the way. They are really great people to work with too and always keep a calm head when the going gets touch. All said, a fabulous team effort by all.

Peter Owen, Founder and Director of Lights-On