Hill Dickinson IT Service Management Review

Below is an example of one of our more recent projects involving IT Service Improvement.

Management by instinct can only take you so far. Hill Dickinson wanted measureable, SLA based IT Service that delivered excellent service to the business units time and time again. It was looking for sustained and noticeable IT Service improvements and the embedding of a continuous improvement culture in its IT service teams.

Hill Dickinson turned to its long term and trusted advisor Lights-On Consulting to help it achieve this and Lights-On was appointed as interim Head of IT Services and started the process with ensuring everyone was on board.

With people on board and initial due diligence complete, we then conducted a customer services review to see what was important to the Partners and staff of Hill Dickinson and to provide a focus for our effort ensuring we were focussing on what the customers needed.

Following the review, Lights-On helped the team re-structure an existing project to implement a new service management system and delive it agsinst clear, measurable objectives.

We then worked with the team to implement a new set of service metrics including time to answer, time to fix, % fix by the desk and call abandonment rate and then set about helping drive service to deliver those key metrics whilst at the same time building stronger bonds between the different IT teams to ensure the service desk had the support it needed to deliver excellent service.

“We had good IT but we wanted improved levels of customer service and a real streamlined approach to providing and measuring our service. Lights-On is delivering that and we can see clear, sustained improvement in our Service Desk.

Iain Johnston, COO

“Lights-On has not only carried out the review including a customer survey and analysis of our service metrics, but they have filled a management gap we had in Head of Operations and continue to measurably improve service whilst helping us recruit a permanent employee to pick up the mantle. They really are a life saver!

Keith Feeny, Director of IT and Operations