How are your cyber defences?

As legal IT consultants, it would be remiss of us not to recommend extra diligence for cyber-threats in light of events in Ukraine.

You may have already seen it, but the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre has advised that the threat to UK businesses from Russian-backed hackers has increased.  According to one MSP (Managed Service Provider) there has been an 800% increase in cyber attacks since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

As a minimum (and please feel free to use this as a template), we would suggest that all organisations remind their employees of the key role they play in defending against cyber risk.  This communication should include:

  • Everyone needs to be extra alert to any email which looks suspicious.
  • If people have any concerns that an email may not be legitimate, check with the sender (if known to you) by contacting them using details you hold for them in your existing records (i.e. do not simply reply to the email received, or use telephone details in the received email).
  • Do not click on links in emails or open attachments from any sources which people are not sure about.
  • Do not forward suspicious emails to anyone. This should include the organisation’s IT function.
  • Do not file any suspicious emails in a Document Management System, or email archive.
  • If in any doubt, contact the firm’s IT Service Desk in the first instance and follow their guidance.
For more information, please follow this guidance note from the NCSC.

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