Interim IT Management

Filling the management gap and ensuring a seamless transition to a long-term solution

Circumstances can create a gap in IT Management within a firm. An IT department without an experienced manager can soon find itself in challenging times. The Lights-On interim IT management service can support your firm if you are in an IT crisis, or you just need some guidance and practical assistance.

Being without a figurehead in IT can have wide-reaching implications. Having clear direction regarding people, processes, projects and technology has a positive impact on many areas of the firm.  Lights-On can act as an interim IT Manager and provide the following: 

  • Tailored support depending on your requirements and projects
  • Support your team by providing a clear plan of action
  • Tailored advice for specialist IT recruitment
  We can:
  • Listen to the team to establish the current situation
  • Listen to the leadership team to understand their priorities
  • Create robust processes and procedures which support the IT and management teams
  • Provide guidance to establish the next steps within a firm’s IT infrastructure, services, and personnel
  • Support the firm with recruiting an IT Manager or IT Director if required


Contact Lights-On Consulting to get started with a bespoke interim IT management strategy that benefits your business.

“As a Partner and FD, when it comes to spending money, I’m not keen unless there is clear ROI but Lights-On proved time and time again that they were well worth the investment.

Mike Borg, Partner & Financial Director at Lodders

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