IT Leadership Service at LCF

Lights-On Consulting assists LCF with IT Leadership Service

Lights-On Consulting is delighted with this quote from Simon Stell, Managing Partner of LCF Law, a winner of the Law Society’s Award for Excellence in Innovation and Yorkshire Lawyer of the Year as well as other awards in specialist practice areas.

Simon talks about our IT Leadership Service that we offer.  

Our IT Leadership Services involves a member of the Lights-On team providing senior level IT strategy on a part-time basis.

By engaging with  Lights-On’s ‘IT Leadership Service’ we have obtained a review of our systems and services; identified where changes should be made and what should be prioritised.

This was done over a relatively short period of time using the services of an experienced IT Director whose experience in working in the legal sector both with businesses of larger size than us as well as businesses similar size was invaluable.

The exercise has moved my firm forward more quickly in its IT capability and with a clear plan and strategy for the future.

It is a pleasure working with an experienced professional with a unique insight in the sector who has the back up resources of colleagues with similar and complementary expertise and knowledge to draw on for the benefit of my firm.

I would recommend the experience.”

Simon Stell, Managing Partner at LCF Law.