Lodders Interim IT Management

Below is an example of one of our more recent projects involving acting as Interim IT Leader.

Lights-On was recommended to Lodders Solicitors by their trusted marketing director who had previously worked with Lights-On in past employment.

Lodders is a successful, growing firm that wanted an experienced independent, to review its IT systems and management. Lodders wanted to ensure that a plan was in place for the IT to continue to perform and to provide a platform for the expanding firm.

We conducted a Strategic IT Review and produced a report of both tactical and strategic recommendations.

Following taking action on the tactical recommendations and seeing some immediate return, Lodders re-approached Lights-On to assist with the more strategic recommendations.

One of the strategic recommendations was to explore the use of an internal IT Director. Lodders asked Lights-On to help with candidate selection, but also wanted to continue putting its IT Strategy in place. Lodders asked if we could act as a part time IT Director whilst the recruitment process was underway. We were delighted to help and managed to successfully embed new ways of working, improve support and 3rd party supplier management whilst at the same time, using our exclusive Five C’s recruitment process to put candidates through their paces.

By the time a new IT Director had been appointed, we had given Lodders a head start and happily handed over the baton to the new IT Director.

“Lights-On provided a wealth of knowledge enabling us to start shaping our IT strategy. The team were able to give honest feedback and recommendations. Lights-On never let us down and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Louise Igoe, Partner

“As a Partner and FD, when it comes to spending money, I’m not keen unless there is clear ROI but Lights-On proved time and time again that they were well worth the investment.

Mike Borg, Partner & Financial Director