Lodders Practice Management System Review

Below is another example of one of our core products, PMS reviews

Lodders Solicitors is an existing client of Lights-On Consulting and turned to us to review its Practice Management system.

We had previously supported Lodders with recruiting an IT Director to help fulfil some strategic plans that we’d recommended. As part of these strategic plans, Lodders wanted to analyse the existing PMS, review internal business processes and identify any “pain points”. A report would then be presented to the senior management team providing recommendations aligned to technology and business process improvements.

Lights-On performed the PMS analysis which included interviews with a broad selection of individuals within the firm and cross referenced this analysis with the offerings from the incumbent solution and those offered across the wider market.

As a subsidiary exercise of the PMS analysis, Lights-On was able to advise Lodders on improvements to the procurement processes around software and services to ensure they received the best possible provision for their money from current and any future suppliers.

The analysis work allowed the firm to make informed decisions regarding its overall technology strategy for the next three to five years.

“Lights-On quickly got to grips with our firm and the issues and opportunities we face and have put in place solutions that are really starting to drive business performance. They play a vital role in ensuring our technology strategy is focused and fit for purpose.

Paul Mourton, Managing Partner

“Lights-On Consulting have a refreshing focus on return on investment and we value their advice in helping us to ensure we have robust systems that are both value for money and fit for the future.

Alistair Howard, Financial Controller