Russell-Cooke Practice Management System Selection

Below is another example of one of our core products, PMS tendering and selection

Russell-Cooke Solicitors, a top 100 law firm with around 350 staff across multiple London offices, was under pressure to find a product within a challenging timescale after their incumbent solution was announced to become “end of life”.

Having worked with Lights-On Consulting successfully before, Russell-Cooke engaged us again to provide an independent analysis of the current PMS market and lead the selection of a new product, capable of meeting the demands of a busy firm whilst integrating with its existing technology.

After meeting with a range of individuals from different disciplines within the firm, together we established Russell-Cooke’s specific product requirements.  Lights-On used its proven methodology, developed and refined over 12 years of carrying out PMS tenders, to cross-reference Russell-Cooke’s needs against the product specifications of a selection of appropriate software solutions.  A plain English report was presented to Russell-Cooke’s Board containing Lights-On’s conclusions and recommendations.  The firm was able to move forward with the procurement of a PMS to best meet its current-day and future requirements.

“Just as with our DMS decision, Lights-On provided precisely the support we needed for our PMS. They know the market, they know the suppliers and they understand the products. We were confident the difficult questions would get asked, the underlying issues would be drawn out and that no wool would be pulled.

“We knew that Lights-On didn’t have any axes to grind and weren’t predisposed to take us down a particular track. Many consultants are thinly disguised salesmen. Lights-On don’t sell. They advise. And that is actually a rare commodity and a valuable one. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lights-On to any other firm looking at a PMS or DMS. They’re conscientious, hard working, reliable, friendly, pragmatic, thoughtful, diligent and constructive. I greatly appreciate their support.

Jonathan Thornton, Managing Partner