Thrings Strategic IT review

IT Review helps Thrings establish its IT strategy

Top 100 law firm, Thrings sought advice and expert guidance from Lights-On Consultancy to support its future IT strategy.

Establishing a clear IT direction

Lights-On Consulting was asked by Thrings to assess its current IT and technology position with a view to establishing a clear IT direction.

We were tasked with providing advice and recommendations around what was needed and in what order, to support the firm’s holistic strategy – of which IT was a significant part.

We facilitated this through a strategic IT review.

Our tried and tested and thorough Strategic IT Review process enabled us to gain an accurate understanding of Thrings’ current IT position, and to provide an objective view of current IT capabilities.

Due diligence and ‘Chatham House rules’

We conducted due diligence questions with the Executive Committee.  We then asked questions to employees of the wider firm, all under Chatham House rules so that we could really understand the situation.

Conducting research in this way always gives lots of results for analysis.  We then built on this analysis to provide recommendations and produce the report and subsequent presentation to the Executive Committee.

We delivered our recommendations and presentations in ‘plain English’ which, we have been told, is incredibly useful for non-technical staff to understand.  In these Executive Committee presentations, we are also able to highlight any implications on the wider business.

What next for Thrings and its IT strategy?

Our recommendations will enable Thrings to have a robust and resilient IT strategy.  The firm has a clear vision of the investments required to achieve the goals set out in the strategy.  Due to our broad experience, we were able to discuss the firm’s IT plans and how this may impact on the wider strategy for the firm, including agile and remote working.

From a Lights-On perspective, we were really pleased to help Thrings with its strategic IT review and provide the Executive Committee with a clear, concise and solid IT strategy.

“We were delighted with the approach taken by Lights-On and their recommendations. We now have a clear plan for how IT can enable and support the firm’s strategy. Thrings now has a vision for its future in a post COVID world.

Simon Holdsworth, Managing Partner at Thrings