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Lights-On Consulting helps law firms and other professional services organisations to get the most out of their investment in technology.

As legal IT consultants, we provide technology reviews, tendering and procurement support for IT systems and services, IT programme and project management and wider advisory services including IT Director services. Our impartiality and independence, together with decades of experience (both in-house and consultancy-side) means Lights-On has grown to become the trusted legal IT advisor to many successful law firms across the UK.

Our core services

We advise businesses on a broad range of IT services, but our advice is centred around four core services:

Your challenges

Lights-On Consulting is here to help you overcome your IT challenges.

Through our many years’ experience of working with law firms and regularly speaking with senior leaders within them, whether that’s in the boardroom, over coffee or at one of our managing partner dinners, we are able to identify common challenges across the sector.

In addition to advising firms on specific IT-related issues, we also collate and share high-level advice to help you resolve some of these common challenges.  

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Our approach

“Strategic advice, practically delivered”

This is our maxim and it embodies our approach to working with clients as their long-term trusted, independent advisor.

We believe that a good strategy is key to implementing effective IT systems, processes and management, but a strategy is only aspirational unless there is a practical plan in place for delivering it.  At Lights-On, we not only provide C-level strategic IT advice, but also help you to put your plans into action.

This blend of strategic thinking and practical delivery, combined with a “say it as it is” approach is what our clients tell us they value the most. In essence, we provide honest, independent and trustworthy advice to help clients get the most out of their IT investment.

Client feedback

What our clients say about us

“As a result of this process, Greenwoods is confident it is heading in the right IT direction. The Senior Management Team has an actionable plan that will support the delivery of the Firm’s IT vision.”

Robert Dillarstone, Managing Partner at

Greenwoods Legal LLP

"The PMS market appears to be wide.  Lights-On brought their expertise to the project and were able to narrow the field quickly and efficiently. The Lights-On approach is very thorough which is essential given the lifespan of the solution in which we’re investing.”

Andrew Getley, Innovation Manager at

Thorntons Solicitors

“The additional investment over and above the PMS seemed a lot at the time but in hindsight was absolutely essential. It has really paid dividends and we are in a great place as a firm as a result. I can strongly recommend Lights-On.”

Amanda Mehlin, Managing Partner at


"Lights-On were superb on our DMS project. I highly recommend them. Professional, focussed, knowledgeable, pragmatic, organised and always adding value. If you are planning a new PMS, DMS or similar, think very carefully before going anywhere else."

Johnathan Thornton, Managing Partner at


"We have benefited greatly from Lights-On’s considerable understanding of the legal sector and available technological solutions, as well as from their consistently practical, outcome-focused advice."

Roland Millar, Finance Director at

Thomson Snell & Passmore LLP

"Lights-On not only carried out a Service Management review but they filled a management gap we had in Head of Operations. They really are a life saver!" 

Keith Feeny, Director of IT & Operations at

Hill Dickinson

"We were highly impressed with their services."

Chris Lowe, Managing Partner at

Watson Farley Williams

"Lights-On provided precisely the support we needed for our PMS. They know the market, the suppliers and they understand the products. Many consultants are thinly disguised salesmen. Lights-On don’t sell. They advise. And that is actually a rare and valuable commodity."

Jonathan Thornton, Managing Partner at


"Lights-On provided a wealth of knowledge enabling us to start shaping our IT strategy. The team were able to give honest feedback and recommendations. Lights-On never let us down and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them."

Louise Igoe, Partner at


"Lights-On took us through procurement, negotiation and implementation of our managed print project.  They brought great market knowledge which added value at each stage of the process.  Their involvement was a key reason that the project was such a success."

Owen Bishop, Director of Transformation and Operations at

Bevan Brittan

"I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lights-On to any other firm looking at a PMS or DMS. They’re conscientious, hard working, reliable, friendly, pragmatic, thoughtful, diligent and constructive. I greatly appreciate their support."

Jonathan Thornton, Managing Partner at


"As a novice to a project of this nature [PMS Selection] they brought me up to speed quickly and helped the team drill down into what really mattered. Good people who are great to work with and really know their stuff."

Duncan Astill, Partner at

Mills & Reeve

"It is a pleasure working with an experienced professional with a unique insight in the sector who has the back up resources of colleagues with similar and complementary expertise and knowledge to draw on for the benefit of my firm.  I would recommend the experience."

Simon Stell, Managing Partner at


"Lights-On now acts as a trusted advisor and sounding board to our business." 

Keith Feeny, Director of IT & Operations at

Hill Dickinson

"The Strategic IT review was done tactfully and thoroughly and the resulting information enabled all our decision makers understand our current position. The advice we received was clear and gave us the confidence to move forward and make decisions on our future strategy."

Nigel Ledger, Practice Manager at

Hughes Paddison

"I thank Lights-On and having developed the relationship over many years have absolute confidence that we have ended up with the best possible solution for us."

Nick Hodgson, Finance Director at

Bevan Brittan

"We were particularly impressed by the thorough and inclusive approach to gathering information.  Lights-On used plain English throughout ensuring all partners had no difficulty understanding the report and making decisions regarding the future direction of the firm’s core IT provision."

Matthew Drew, Managing Partner at

Goughs Solicitors

“Lights-On Consulting provided strategic and practical legal IT consultancy to A&L Goodbody.  We have worked with Lights-On for over a year and would not hesitate to use them again.”

Susan Kemp, IT Director at

A&L Goodbody

"Everyone in the firm has agreed that bringing in Lights-On has been one of best things the firm has done from an Admin point of view in years.”

Senior Leadership Team Member at

a leading Irish Legal firm

“I have no doubt, without the Lights-On approach, we would never have got to where we are currently in such a short time and in such an effective way and most importantly in the depths of a global pandemic!”

Gary Denham, IT Manager at


"Lights-On quickly got to grips with our firm and the issues and opportunities we face and have put in place solutions that are really starting to drive business performance. They play a vital role in ensuring our technology strategy is focused and fit for purpose."

Paul Mourton, Managing Partner at

Lodders Solicitors LLP

"The replacement of a PMS system is one of, if not the, biggest infrastructure project a law firm can embark on. I would thoroughly recommend the project management services of Light-On in a heartbeat."

David Edwards, Finance Director at

Brodies LLP

"They are a great team to work with and we are really happy with the result of the process."

Jon Whiteman, Head of IT at

Clarke Willmott

"I have been consistently impressed with Lights-On's cheerful, positive and pro-active approach to all that has been asked of them."

Gillian Crandles, Managing Partner at

Turcan Connell

“As a Firm, we did not require an in-house IT director role but needed the clarity and guidance from someone with that level of knowledge.”

Yvonne Tivey, Head of Business Services at

SME Solicitors

"We were delighted with the approach taken by Lights-On and their recommendations. We now have a clear plan for how IT can enable and support the firm’s strategy. Thrings now has a vision for its future in a post COVID world.”

Simon Holdsworth, Managing Partner at


"Having worked with Lights-On for many years it was a natural choice to turn to them to assist us in delivering this business critical project.  Lights-On assisted in running a comprehensive process which will produce significantly better results at a cheaper price."

Nick Hodgson, Finance Director at

Bevan Brittan

“Lights-On approached this project with a highly detailed and systematic methodology. Lights-On helped us to fully understand Goughs’ business IT needs and ensured the choices we made would result in a future proofed system.”

Matthew Drew, Managing Partner at


“We’re confident that the decision reached will be the best for our Firm. Lights-On were instrumental in guiding us there in the shortest possible time. Their expertise in this field is second to none.”

Graeme Brown, Chief Financial Officer at

Thorntons Solicitors

“We strongly recommend Lights-On’s IT Leadership Service. Being able to “tap in” to their knowledge when you need it is invaluable.” 

Andrew Wright, Senior Partner at


“Lights-On bridged the gap between our legal expertise and our developers’ software capabilities. They have been an important part of the team, both in terms of implementing our vision and providing valuable practical support on the ultimate roll out of the platform to market.”

Ceri Stoner, Partner and Legal Project Lead at

Wiggin LLP

“The support provided by Lights-On, for our new PMS was fundamental to a successful project.  An impressive effort and they were a delight to work with – the latter being a significant factor given the stresses inherent in a project of this size and importance to the Firm. Thank you.”

Julian Howard, Managing Partner at


"We engaged Lights-On to undertake a review around our team structures.  With Lights-On's help and advice, we have benefitted significantly in providing clarity to our people and create an aligned, high performing team focussed on delivering value to our business."

Keith Feeny, Director of IT & Operations at

Hill Dickinson

“A practice management system selection is a significant piece of work. We are delighted to have completed the selection phase and moved on to implementation.”

Andrew Powell, Director of IT and CIO at


“Lights-On Consulting managed to focus our attention between the various systems which eased the process considerably. Lights-On were instrumental in guiding us to a decision in the shortest possible time. Their expertise in this field is second to none.”

Graeme Brown, Chief Financial Officer at


“Lights-On helped us to deliver a key strategic project at a time when our internal teams were already busy with other priorities, bringing skills and experience that ensured we landed the project on time, successfully. A genuine extension to our delivery team, caring about the outcome as much as we did.”

Nigel Johnson, IT Director at

Knights PLC

"Throughout the project Lights-On was approachable, clear and pragmatic. They had control of the project, ready to drive it to its conclusion. Without the support of Lights-On, I have no doubt that the project would not have been a success.”

Yvonne Tivey, Head of Business Services at

SME Solicitors

“It’s hard to imagine that there is another legal IT consultancy out there as knowledgeable, dedicated, focused and easy to work with as Lights-On. They have that rare ability to explain complex IT concepts in ways that even lawyers can understand!”

Andrew Wright, Senior Partner at

Clarkson Wright & Jakes

"Through their invaluable IT leadership service, Lights-On provided us with clear strategic guidance on several major IT and infrastructure projects"

Paul Mourton, Managing Partner at


“Lights-On has been absolutely fantastic. Incredibly responsive and understanding of the need to carry the firm with us on our IT journey. They are proactive, friendly, and have gone above and beyond to help us. I would recommend them without hesitation.”

Mike Watson, Managing Partner at

Trethowans LLP

“We greatly benefitted from Lights-On’s vast expertise when it comes to implementing projects of this kind. We couldn’t have done this project without Lights-On Consulting!”

Seema Jones, CFO/COO

Town Legal LLP

"The team have a deep understanding of how important IT is in the legal field, and are incredibly patient, particularly when explaining IT to a patent attorney in the life sciences!  They remain an important and integral part of our team."

Sarah Grant, CEO

Stratagem IPM Limited

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