Board level IT advice

Providing technology advice in Board meetings

Providing Board level IT advice to ensure executives understand the implications of technology for all aspects of a business.

Is your leadership team and IT Director aligned with all the technology that is in use or planned for the firm?

We discuss technical matters and their implications in plain English, with no tech jargon to Board level executives. Our team is on hand to help you navigate politically sensitive meetings to ensure everyone involved has the opportunity to speak freely.

Lights-On Consulting frequently sits on Board level meetings to provide advice on technology matters. With our expertise, we will:

  • Support your senior leadership team and IT Director / Manager on key board level IT decisions
  • Facilitate discussions about technology, its impact, how it can benefit the firm and provide an ROI (return on investment) 
  • Chair IT agenda items in Board meetings to ensure clarity and direction
  • Help your firm with creating a cost-effective IT Strategy and plans to support your business goals
  • Enable the whole board to see the positive impact that quality technology can have on the profitability of a firm

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We advise businesses on a broad range of IT services, but our advice is centred around four core services:

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