IT Management Recruitment

Bringing expert skills and knowledge to senior IT recruitment

At Lights-On Consulting, we help with the recruitment of IT management candidates. We do not act as an agency, and we do not take a commission.

With the surge in demand for IT specialists cross-sector, the need for sourcing highly skilled, experienced team members is critical to the success of any firm.

Our role in the IT management recruitment process for our clients is simple. We act as the consultant responsible for vetting potential candidates with our comprehensive process:

  • CV Review
  • Competency-based interviews
  • Ensuing candidates are a fit for the culture and demands of the firm
  • Confirming the candidate has the necessary technical skills
  • Assessing candidates management and technology strategy skills


The vetting process within any recruitment drive is crucial to ensure you have the right candidate for your firm. This extends further than previous roles they’ve held and qualifications. It also encompasses gauging if they are the correct fit for a firm culturally and ensuring that they hold the confidence to succeed in their role.

Our tried and tested process is designed to help firms with their recruitment with the following:

  • Saving time – By taking charge of reviewing qualifications, experience and the interview process, our clients have more time to focus on other areas of their business.
  • Candidate talent – Through our team’s vast experience within a myriad of IT roles, we have extensive insight into what makes a great candidate.
  • Employer reputation – Candidates with the best skillset are sought-after by firms looking to recruit. However, this works both ways; by showcasing the positive values and culture of your firm, you are much more likely to attract the talent you need.


Lights-On consultants have all held senior IT roles and have recruited for most IT disciplines including IT Director, Head of IT, IT Managers, and managers of IT teams in development, applications, infrastructure, and IT service.

That is why, with our experience, we know what to look for when recruiting IT personnel within an organisation.

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